Audax Kinki

AUDAX KINKI(オダックス近畿)は、BREVET(ブルベ)を愛する自転車乗りが集まって誕生しました。今後も公式ブルベをボランティアで開催していきます。

Super Randonnée

The Super Randonnées (SR 600 km) is a new category of Brevet created by the ACP, and the first route was made in 2009.
Super Randonnees are mountains Permanents with a distance of 600km and a over 10000m elevation gain, and renewe two traditions of French cyclo-tourism: the worldwide known BRM , and the BCMF.


Located in the mountainous region, the SR600 is a challenging and beautiful scenery cycling, and you can select the option of riding as a Randonneur or as a Tourist.
The difference with BRM is that in addition to the route being tough, it is permanent. Permanents are possible to make their own starting dates and times. The SR600 route basically doesn’t close in just one year, and you can always ride at your chosen date and time. As a result, it is necessary for the riders to have their own preparation and responsibility even more than BRM.

Start date and time

The biggest difference with BRM is that you can make the start date and time by yourself. In the case of BRM, the organizer makes the date in consideration of the season, but the SR 600 decides the date by considering various factors such as the weather condition by the season.
The route may also include winter closures.

Route confirmation

The BRM will check the route by previewing and trial riding before by the organizer. On the other hand, in the SR 600 that the riders decide the starting date and time, the organizer does not confirm the route according to the riders.
Organizers provide information such as winter closures in advance, but the closure periods vary from year to year and may be closed due to road construction, disasters and other events. The rider must confirm in advance whether the route can travel.
This is same as checking the possibility of travel when touring by yourself or with family members or friends, the SR 600 also needs to be checked on its by yourself.


Liability insurance is required to perticipate SR600.
Riders are required to take out liability insurance that covers the SR Card validity period at their own responsibility.
Cycling using public roads involves big risks, even if you are safe driving. It is nessesary to take out insurance for the risk of injury not only to your own injury but also to the property of others.

Tough route

There is no specific rule for accumulation elevation in BRM, but tough routes such as only some people can complete are avoided. On the other hand, SR600 can not be recognized as a route unless the accumulation elevation is over 10000m. However, despite the tough route, the SR 600 is not organized for competing of hill climb speeds or for limited elite riders.
At registration, each rider selects to ride a Super Randonnée either as a Tourist or as a Randonneur.
There is a time limit for the Randonneur option, but SR600 is 60 hours versus 40 hours for BRM600. In order not to excessive riding, the time limit is relaxed as tough route, it is considered for avoiding only some elite riders can finish. In addition, if you registrate in the Randonneur option and finish over the time limit, you can receive certification in the tourist option.
It is important to finish the course, regardless of whether it is a Randonneur or a Tourist, not a competition.

PC (controls)

In the SR600, all PCs are unmanned, organizers will not wait and nobody is at the start and finish points.
In the BRM, there is an open / close time on each PC, but in SR600 need just a pass checking and there is no time setting of open / close.
In the SR600, the main part is a photo confirmation where you take photos of bicycles together with signs of locations sent them to the organizer. Please refer the website of the SR600 organizer for specific instructions.

Trouble during riding

The SR600 is considered as personal cycling. The rider must judge and treat with all problems such as mechanical troubles and accidents during riding, and the organizers don’t support them. Audax Japan, sponsoring clubs and organizers are not responsible for any accidents.