Audax Kinki

AUDAX KINKI(オダックス近畿)は、BREVET(ブルベ)を愛する自転車乗りが集まって誕生しました。今後も公式ブルベをボランティアで開催していきます。

Super Randonnée Kii Mountains World Heritage & Reverse

The application form is not supported, but you can apply for both SR600KW and SR600KR.
In the case of KR, please let us know in the comments.


The route is published by  “Openrunner” and “Ride with GPS”.

・Openrunner : SR600KW Kii Mountains World Heritage 20181021
SR600KR Kii Mountains Reverse 20190617

・Ride with GPS:Latest Update 07/11/2019
SR600KW_Ride with GPS vol.1 SR600KW_Ride with GPS vol.2 SR600KW_Ride with GPS vol.3
SR600KR_Ride with GPS vol.1 SR600KR_Ride with GPS vol.2 SR600KR_Ride with GPS vol.3

Total elevation 10,756m(SR600KW) , 11,321m(SR600KR)  (Caluculated by LatLongLab)

Cue sheet

Cue sheet is available in Excel version and pdf version.
Excel version (Japanese) : 2019_SR600KW_que_ver.1.0.9_20190508_japanese
Pdf version (Japanese) : 2019_SR600KW_que_ver.1.0.9_20190508_japanese

Koma Map

Koma Map is available in Excel version and pdf version.
Exel Version (Japanese) : 2019_SR600_koma_ver.1.0.9_20190508
Pdf version (Japanese) : 2019_SR600_koma_ver.1.0.9_20190508

Material for checking PCs (Controls) and total or section distances.

PDF version is available.
Pdf version (Japanese) : SR600KW_check-snapshot_20240128
Pdf version (English) :SR600KW_check-snapshot_20240128_English

Traffic information

There is a section in the course that is closed due to circumstances.
Please check the traffic information before your start.

Traffic Regulations of Koya Ryujin Skyline

You can check the traffic information from the official site of Wakayama Prefecture with key word of “高野龍神スカイライン通行規制”.
Following image is sample.

Entry example of SR card

Pdf version (Japanese) : SR600KW_card_entry_example

Special Thanks

Draft route : Mario YONEZAWA Masahiro
Test riding and advisor : Guranfondo KATAYAMA Taisuke & Haruko
Route checking : AJ_Utsunomiya HATTORI Makoto
ACP Applicant : BRM corespondent FURUKUBO Susumu
ACP Staff : Beppin?Sophie Matter
Web design : Sekaino MORIWAKI Yutaka
Koma map : Komazushokunin TOMII Kazushi
English : Seikaino MORIWAKI Yutaka
Chinese : Kyojin KIYOKAWA Taisuke
French : Hakidamenitsuru MATSUFUSA Kayo

BOSS : Turuppage OKADA Hitoshi