Audax Kinki

AUDAX KINKI(オダックス近畿)は、BREVET(ブルベ)を愛する自転車乗りが集まって誕生しました。今後も公式ブルベをボランティアで開催していきます。


Super Randonnée routes can be selected with the option of riding as a Randonneur or as a Tourist.
Entry fee : 1,500JPY
Memorial medal : 1,500JPY

Flow of registration

1. Please submit from the pre-entry form at the bottom of the page.
2. Please make a payment the entry fee (plus medal fee if you want) to the bank account or PayPal which will be written in the automatic reply email after pre-entry.
3. Please submit your detail and payment information (screen shot of payment by jpeg, png or pdf) from the form which will be written in the automatic reply email after pre-entry.
*Payment information need to contain “your name”, “our account”, “date” and “amount”.
*The start day can be set from 4 weeks after the payment completion date.
*e.g. If you have paid on 1st, you can set your start day on 29th or later. (Same day of the week four weeks after in the calendar.)
4. The SR card and other necessary materials for riding will be mailed to you from organizer.
5. Please start riding based on the information you applied for.
6. After completion of the ride, please mail the SR card, receipts and admission tickets that necessary for certification and send photos with date and time information via e-mail.

Email : sr600(at)
Deadline for sending documents
The last day of next month of your riding start date. (requisite arrival)

7. The certification information will be mailed from organizer after certification.
However, the certification of all SR600 of one year is carried out every October, the SR card and medal will mail after certification.
Please note that the application after the end of September will be handled in next year.

Ride as a Randonneur

Please submit from the pre-entry form.

Ride as a Tourist

Please submit from the pre-entry form.

*Please make your setting accept the automatic reply email from sr600(at)
*There is a possibility of the form are not compatible with some of mobile devices. In that case, please apply using PC mail.

Inquiry such as changing start time

After applying, please apply for changes to the start date and inquiries regarding the SR600 from the inquiry form.